How much value will be returned to me?

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While the exact value distributed will depend upon market prices when the cryptocurrency on Voyager’s platform is distributed and the total amount of allowed claims, we project customers will receive approximately 51% of their claim based on cryptocurrency prices as of December 19. This recovery assumes that intercompany claims are determined to be capital contributions, the Alameda loan claims are subordinated to other claims and that Alameda does not have an allowed administrative claim. Your claim is a fixed amount based on the U.S. Dollar (USD) value of the cryptocurrency assets that you held on the Voyager platform as of July 5, 2022, the date Voyager filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

You can now view your claim on the Voyager app here from your mobile device.



Remember, any U.S. Dollars in your Voyager account are not part of your claim―they are outside of Voyager’s bankruptcy estate and were available for withdrawal to your bank account via the app until February 6th, 2023. If you did not withdraw your funds before the account was closed, Metropolitan Commercial Bank will use the services of a third-party vendor to process and send a check in the amount of the applicable funds to the most recent address Voyager has for your account.