Are there deposit limits?

  • Updated

The minimum deposit is $10. There is a daily deposit limit and an instant deposit limit. The $10,000 daily deposit limit is the maximum that may be deposited in any rolling 24 hour period and this amount is set for all new customers. When you make a deposit, it will show up in your history but will not be reflected in your Voyager balance until your deposit clears. Deposits typically clear after 5 business days and are available on the 6th business day. You may see the funds leave your bank account earlier than day 5, but they do not reach Voyager until the 5th day.


Since Voyager recognizes the 24/7 non-stop nature of crypto trading and bank deposits have a lag time for arrival to your Voyager account of 5 business days (see above), Voyager has made available to its customers a $20,000 instant deposit of funds advanced to you for immediate use. This $20,000 has rolling availability and as your bank deposits clear, this amount is adjusted and ready for additional use, always up to $20,000.