Can Voyager recover assets deposited to a Voyager blockchain address of another coin? (aka "cross-chain deposit")

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Asset Recovery Policy: This policy applies to eligible assets that are deposited to a Voyager blockchain address of another coin. For example, if BTC was sent to your BCH Voyager address. Asset recovery is a complex manual process and Voyager cannot guarantee a successful outcome. Voyager will review and evaluate recovery requests on an individual basis to determine feasibility. The final determination as to whether recovery will be attempted is within Voyager’s sole discretion and based on various factors such as time, resources, and inherent risk. Not all deposits are recoverable. Supported currencies eligible for recovery include BTC <-> BCH and ETH <-> ETC. Asset recovery requests are subject to the following requirements and procedures:

Requirements: Must have KYC approved Voyager account; Voyager account must be in good standing, and assets must be listed as a supported currency eligible for recovery.

Procedure: If all of the above requirements are met, Voyager will evaluate and assess if recovery is feasible. Voyager will notify you when a determination is made. If full or partial recovery is successful for missent assets across chains (i.e. BTC to BCH) a fee equal to 10% of the amount recovered will be charged. Deposits of unsupported coins including ICOs, airdrops, or blockchain forks will not be recovered or credited to your Voyager account. To submit a recovery request, please contact support and provide the following information: email associated with your Voyager account, asset name, deposit address, amount, and transaction hash. There is no time frame for any discretionary recovery process. Voyager will contact you once a determination has been made.