Who is managing the debit card, Voyager or Coinify?

  1. If Voyager - how/where will the support team see the user’s debit card info and transactions?

    Voyager has partnered with USIO to bring the Voyager Debit Card to life. While Voyager will manage your funds and authorize transactions, USIO will manage customer support for the debit card with a dedicated support portal. In the event the Voyager app is offline or in maintenance, USIO will authorize up to $100 transactions until Voyager is fully operational.

  2. How does the recent announcement that VGX is integrating with Coinify play into the debit card? Are they even related?

    Currently, Coinify and the Voyager Debit Card are not connected. As we continue to integrate our platforms in the future, we will bring you new, industry-leading crypto payment solutions.