Is my cash FDIC insured? Why did Voyager’s website change the way it talked about FDIC insurance?

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Yes, cash in your Voyager cash account is held by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (“MCB”) a member of the FDIC. That means you are eligible for insurance coverage in the event of the bank's failure, up to a maximum of $250,000 per Voyager customer assuming regulatory requirements are met. FDIC insurance does not protect against the failure of Voyager, and to be clear: Voyager does not hold customer cash; cash is held by MCB.


Voyager worked with the FDIC in early 2021 and again in early 2022 to update and clarify the language on its website. Please also see Voyager’s customer agreement, which provides further details on the regulatory treatment of cash deposits and the scope of FDIC insurance. Outdated pages of a blog from 2019 are being updated to be consistent with this clarification.