What is a Notice of Commencement, and why did I receive one?

As the restructuring process continues, you may receive notices with updates on additional legal and procedural milestones. This includes a Notice of Commencement, a required, customary legal document indicating that Voyager and its subsidiaries have filed voluntary petitions for Chapter 11 reorganization. This notice requires no action on your part.


We have engaged a claims agent, Stretto, to help answer questions from customers, employees, investors, partners and other stakeholders, and provide information about the restructuring process. Their restructuring information line can be contacted at +1 (855) 473- 8665 (toll-free in the U.S.) or +1 (949) 271-6507 (for parties outside the U.S.). They have also set up a website at https://cases.stretto.com/Voyager, which includes court documents and other information.